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Passion Farm Produce

Name Description Price
Orange Navel Orange $call
Papaya Fresh $call
Banana Ripe Banana $call
Banana Green Banana $call
Plantain Green and Ripe $call
Yam Yellow Yam $call
Yam Negro Yam $call
Name Description Price
Escallion Escallion Red $call
Escallion Escallion White $call
Pepper Scotch Bonnet Hot Pepper $call
Pepper West Indian Red Hot Pepper $call
Pepper Habernaro Hot Pepper $call
Tomatoe Fresh tomatoe $call
Thyme $call
Lettuce Fresh lettuce $call
Carrot Fresh carrotsm $call

Farm Products

Name Description Price
Water Pump $call
Weed Wacker $call
Chain Saw $call
Tractor and Disc $call
Bob Cat $call
Name Description Price
Fertilizer $call
Pesticide $call
Insectecide $call
Fungacide $call
Spray Bottles $call
Mato $call
Spade $call
Shovel $call
Pick Axe $call
Water Hose $call
Pruner $call