About Passion Farm & Brokers Ltd.

Passion Farm & Brokers Ltd (PFB). is an organization founded to pursue the following goals: To give farmers, local growers, consumers and producers of the Island agricultural commodities and other farm related products alternative marketing, supplies and buying opportunities. PFB will improve the variety, freshness, taste, and nutritional value of produce available on the Island.

Passion Farm & Brokers Ltd strengthens regional farm viability, increases the community’s social and economic development. By bringing farmers, consumers, and communities together we are able to foster and sustain a truly remarkable farmers and consumers market in the Island. PFB makes healthy regionally produced fruits and vegetables that are more accessible to lower income individuals and families.

Passion Farm & Brokers Ltd provides educational forums for farmers and consumers to learn the uses and benefits of quality locally grown or prepared foods. Ultimately, we enhance the quality of life in the Island by providing community activities, which fosters social gathering and interacting.

Passion Farm & Brokers Ltd encourages participation in agriculture and shows preference to farmers, consumers and looks forward to them as being the anchors of our business. We also welcome any and all qualified agricultural producers and farmers who are looking forward to enhanced and strengthened their experience.